Intensive Family Preservation Services

Ranch Ehrlo Intensive Family Preservation Services (IFPS) program is an intensive in-home family treatment program designed to keep children and families safe and out-of-home placement of children.

IFPS is based on an evidence-based program that focuses on time-limited, intensive and home-based services designed to stabilize and strengthen families. Intensive services are family-focused, child centred, goal-oriented, and provide in-home skill building and after-care supports and linkages.

Program components:

  • Services provided in families’ homes
  • Immediate availability for families
  • Brevity of services
  • 24 hour a day availability to clients
  • Single therapist operating within a team

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Keeping families together

“I’m a strong believer in preventative work and how impactful it can be. Any time we can prevent a child from being removed from their home is a success.”


Patti Petrucka, director at 306-751-2913


IFPS Referal Information Summary

Intervention Primary Referral

Family member information

Primary caregivers - in home during intervention

Youth identified for services (or living in home)

Below, check the reasons the child(ren) identified for services are identified as AT RISK OF PLACEMENT or IN NEED OF REUNIFICATION. Please check all that apply. If some of the reasons apply to only one or some of the child(ren) and not the other(s), put the child(ren)’s first name(s) in the space indicated. 

type Suspected Confirmed Victimized children
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Medical neglect
Emotional neglect
Physical neglect
Supervisory neglect
Environmental neglect

Child at risk of substantial harm to health, safety and welfare (check all that apply) 

Current placement issues

type Please enter risk from 0 (no risk) to 5 (high risk) Unknown
Severity/Frequency and/or recentness of abuse/neglect
type Please enter risk from 0 (no risk) to 5 (high risk) Unknown
Substance abuse
Mental, emotional, intellectual or physical impairments
Parental skills/expectations of child
History of violence or sexual assault by caretakers on children and/or others
Protection of child by non-abusive caretaker
Recognition of problem/motivation to change
Level of cooperation
type Please enter risk from 0 (no risk) to 5 (high risk) Unknown
Stress on family
Social support for family
Economic resources for family
Domestic violence

Others living in the home (relatives, friends, renters, etc.)

Intervention intake form

Attach the completed risk assessment and/or describe the current events that precipitated this referrall, including dates and risk factors.

type Very high High Moderate Low None Unknown
Within family
Towards others

Supporting documentation - completed items to be attached with referral

No bigger than 5MB

No bigger than 5MB

No bigger than 5MB

type Yes No Provider name
Day care
Health/mental health
Public health nurse
Substance abuse
Other counselling/assessment
Other support services

Referent expectations

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