The third annual Battle at the Butte was on Saturday, September 24th and it was a great success!

There were approximately 40 participants from 10 different programs participating in the strength contest on the Pilot Butte campus.

Nicholas Hadjistavropoulos, youth care leader at Jewison House, along with former Ranch employee Tyler Harnett, planned the event.

Nicholas said, “Participants had the opportunity to challenge their bodies and minds through lifting and competing. Even though it was a tough feat, everyone finished strong with big smiles on their faces.”

Caregivers coached and supported youth throughout the event and at times even doing the course with some participants who needed extra encouragement.

“For tug of war, programs faced off against each other. When a program was about to lose by being pulled over the middle line, youth and staff from the sidelines would hop in to help the struggling team,” he said.

“It was neat to see the kids and adults wanting to help the team that was about to lose,” Nicholas added.

Caregivers and participants had the opportunity to support each other by cheering each other on, engaging in positive and healthy activities, and being there for each other throughout the challenges. They also had the glory of accomplishing something difficult.

“The events we chose for this competition were challenging, but within the competencies and zone of proximal development of our participants. The activities helped to build confidence and character,” Nicholas said.

Some family members of the participants and staff also attended to cheer everyone on. There was even a surprise visit from a friendly garter snake to delight the crowd.

Caregivers managed the environment and created a judgement-free atmosphere that encouraged growth and fostered a sense of safety.

Participants were given breaks if the event became overwhelming.

“I’ve run into participants in the days following the event and I’ve gotten the sense that they’ve gained confidence from being part of this competition,” Nicholas concluded.

Ranch Ehrlo is grateful to the following sponsors for their essential contributions:

Mettle Performance Training Centre and Classic Strongman, for all the lifting equipment, referees, and scorekeepers; Pro AV for the public announcement system; Freshly Pressed for the Battle at the Butte 2022 t-shirts; and Nate Geo SK for photographing the event.