Camille Huberdeau, personal support leader, has developed a wonderful friendship with the neighbours of Hawkwood House.

“I’ve become very close with our neighbours. We’re more like family at this point. It isn’t just me though. All the staff and participants at Hawkwood are friends with them,” he said.

The neighbours are an elderly couple with mobility issues.

The participants at Hawkwood House are adults with differing abilities. They are eager to help their neighbours with snow shovelling, yard care, and outside window washing which the couple are no longer able to do for themselves.

He said, “As soon as we say we’re going to help the neighbours, the participants are at the door ready to go. They love the opportunity to help someone in need.”

The participants also enjoy delivering some baking to their friends next door.

The neighbours are generous with their many tools and let staff park on their property. They also tend Hawkwood’s bedding plants in their greenhouse until they’re ready to plant in the spring.

“Around four times a year, they will buy us a huge box of Lindt chocolates and a nice ‘thank-you’ card that they will deliver to us. They’re great people,” he said.