Families in Ranch Ehrlo Society’s Family Treatment Program are a lot safer, thanks to a generous grant from SGI.

SGI provided $6,000 for the purchase of car seats for families in the Family Treatment Program (FTP).

The FTP improves family safety and function so families can remain together. The program works to either prevent the placement of children out of their home or to assist families to reunite after having a child in care.

Toni Rapley, Traffic Safety Community Outreach at SGI said, “Since organizations like Ranch Ehrlo work with families in need, the partnership with SGI and the Car Seat Grant program is vital for all persons to have an opportunity to make sure their children are safe when traveling on Saskatchewan roads.”

She went on to say that families in the program already have so many things to worry about and it is nice to know that, due to this grant, a proper car seat is no longer on that list of worries.

There was also $1,000 provided for the purchase of bike helmets for the Family Treatment Program from a partnership between the SGI Traffic Safety Community Outreach Department, and the Provincial Acquired Brain Injury Education and Prevention Program.

“Bicycle helmets are essential to ensure safety for all people while riding a bicycle,” said Juliany Qureshi, Traffic Safety Community Outreach, SGI.

The benefits of the Community Grant program are not only that families, who normally couldn’t afford a helmet now receive one, but they also receive the proper education on how to ensure their children are safe riding a bicycle, thus promoting traffic safety in our province, she added.

Families in the program can also expand their cultural experience thanks to a donation from a local company. Ritenburg and Associates donated $1,000 so families could attend a weekend powwow.

Brett Kelln, principal engineer at Ritenburg said, “We are always looking for ways to give back to the community. This was a great opportunity for us to contribute to the Family Treatment Program so they could attend such a positive event.”