Ranch Ehrlo is one of ten organizations chosen by the Ministry of Social Services’ Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) to participate in a pilot project to improve the services to people with differing abilities.

The Ranch is excited to be one of the first organizations selected to participate in this initiative.

For many of our participants, the Ranch is their home, and we want to make sure they have the best quality of life possible.

CLSD has adopted an outcomes-based service delivery (OBSD) approach. It helps service providers achieve a positive and sustained impact on the lives of people with differing abilities.

An OBSD approach is a person-centred approach with clear expected results with measurable outcomes. It is “made in Saskatchewan” and builds on past work in our province.

David Rivers, vice-president of clinical services said, “It will be great to have a person-centred outcome measure of the quality of life and quality of services from the perspective of people living in the Ranch’s Supported Living homes.”

Ryan Labatt, director of quality improvement agreed. He also sees this approach as a very promising initiative from CLSD that will only benefit the quality of life of the people who reside in Ranch Supported Living Program homes.

“My role ensures information coming from CLSD is communicated effectively within the Ranch to make certain we meet our responsibilities in this important ongoing work,” said Ryan.

The personal outcomes measurement tool measures indicators of quality of life and quality of services from the perspective of people with differing abilities.

The tool is an interview-based method which will be delivered in a person-centred fashion prioritizing choice, informed consent, and an inclusive approach.

CLSD intends to pilot the tool in collaboration with service providers who have demonstrated their readiness for OBSD.

Ranch Ehrlo is in the first group of care providers to participate in this pilot project which will be completed in March 2023.

Full implementation of the project will take two to three years.