Ranch Ehrlo Society has opened a new program to fill the urgent need for emergency care for children in the north.  

Special guests gathered this week to celebrate the official opening of Samson House, an Emergency Receiving (ER) program at Ranch Ehrlo’s Corman Park campus.   

“I want to thank all of our special guests for taking the time to join us today. You, being here to celebrate and support our programs is so important to myself, our staff, and to the young people that we serve,” Natalie Huber, Ranch Ehrlo CEO addressed the crowd Thursday afternoon. “This program will fill an urgent need by offering emergency, short-term care for youth from central and northern Saskatchewan.” 

Samson House is a six-bed home that will provide short-term emergent care to youth ages 12-15, while the Ministry of Social Services determines the best care plan. Emergency receiving services will be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and will be provided for by a full team including a program manager, a house parent, multiple program workers, youth care workers, and youth care leaders.  

Left to right: Tandi van Tol (Corman Park group living director),
Natalie Huber (Ranch Ehrlo CEO), campus Elder Vernon Linklater,
Lynne Samson, and Cam Banning (ER manager)

“Community placement allows children to be supported by their communities and to receive specialized services that meet their unique needs. Ensuring children entering care can remain in or closer to their home community provides much-needed stability,” said Minister of Social Services Gene Makowsky. “We value Ranch Ehrlo's commitment to supporting vulnerable children, youth, and families.” 

The ribbon cutting and official opening ceremony of Samson House was held on Wednesday, May 16th, just outside of Saskatoon. Members of the Ranch executive were joined by special guests including Lynne Samson, after whom the program was named.   

“Lynne’s commitment to community and her passion to provide youth with a safe and therapeutic environment will be fondly remembered,” said Natalie, unveiling the name of the agency’s newest home.  

It is customary for Ranch Ehrlo to name new buildings after board members, in recognition of their contributions to the agency.  

Lynne was the first member of the board for Corman Park and the lead/chair on the then-standing Corman Park committee of the board. She served the board from October 2007 until September 2011 and was a sounding board for staff in the early development of the Corman Park campus. Lynne is an active community leader and has always worked hard to have the good work of the agency better understood in the community.  

“I am honoured and humbled to have it named Samson House,” Lynne said of the new building. “Today there are children living in crisis situations. These kids are at risk and without a safe place to call home. This emergency receiving program fills that need.”  

Samson House is the fourth program of its kind for Ranch Ehrlo, complementing one ER program in Prince Albert, and two others in Pilot Butte.  

More information about our emergency receiving programs can be found here.