The City of Regina has approved a 100 per cent tax exemption for Ehrlo Housing’s McEwen Manor property, located in downtown Regina.  

The Community Non-Profit Tax Exemption will translate to a significant cost savings for Ranch Ehrlo Society and will subsequently benefit the building’s tenants and community partner Phoenix Residential Society.  

“This is an incredible savings for Ranch Ehrlo, but more importantly it will benefit the tenants who live at McEwen,” said Shelley Sayer, director of Ehrlo Housing. “When we’re reviewing our budget and looking at annual rent increases, taxes are always a factor so this exemption will help us keep the rent as low as possible for those who need it most.”

Shelley explained the tax exemption will allow Ranch Ehrlo to keep rental increases at a low two per cent rate this year, keeping the units as affordable as possible. The exemption will also have a positive impact on operational costs for community partner and service provider Phoenix Residential Society.

McEwen Manor is a three-storey mixed-use building that features 39 housing units for people with serious mental health conditions and cognitive disabilities who require support to live independently. While Ranch Ehrlo owns the property, community partner and non-profit organization Phoenix, provides all on-site support to the building’s tenants.

Shelia Wignes-Paton,  Phoenix CEO, said the organization is grateful the joint application was approved.

“We are certainly appreciative to the City and appreciative of our relationship with Ranch Ehrlo. To have the full tax amount exempted will make such a positive impact for everyone involved.”

While this is the first year McEwen Manor has received a 100 per cent tax exemption, the property did receive a 13 per cent exemption in 2023, for a cost savings of $11,660.83. This year’s full tax exemption will result in a savings of $88,015.19.

McEwen Manor was able to apply and qualify for the 2024 Community Non-Profit Tax Exemption under the community safety and wellbeing stream of the municipal program.

Ehrlo Housing will continue to seek future cost saving opportunities, said Shelley, confirming that next year’s tax exemption application is already in the works.

Ehrlo Housing operates as part of Ranch Ehrlo Society’s community services, and provides affordable housing to low-income families, individuals with enduring mental health conditions, and young people transitioning from care.