Ranch Ehrlo has three high school graduates this year! 

Northern students 

*Pricilla and *Mary live at Matheson House in Prince Albert. 

They faced some challenges along the way in their education journey, but they persevered. 

Pricilla even won an award for the highest mark in a subject!  

“She came home with the award, and we were all surprised and so proud of her. She was so excited,” said Candace Carriere, Matheson youth care leader. 

Getting to school on time and staying at school all day, was at first challenging to Pricilla but she kept working on it. 

Mary has significant social anxiety, so the staff were surprised when she chose to go to the largest school in the city. She worked through her anxiety to succeed! 

Both girls are interested in cosmetology. Mary has been accepted into hair styling school, and she is thrilled to be starting in a few weeks. 

“Pricilla cancelled her hair and makeup appointments for our awards night and did them herself. She looked fabulous,” said Candace. 

Pricilla is enjoying being done with school for now. They are both learning some life skills to prepare them for independence. 

Southern student 

*Danny is a participant at MacKay House in Regina. 

He said he’s very excited about his accomplishment. 

“I didn’t think I could do it (graduate). I was having a hard time with assignments,” he said. 

He had plenty of encouragement. “There were a lot of people behind me telling me I could do it, so I worked really hard, and I did it,” he said.

His favourite subjects were psychology and health sciences. 

He plans to take a break and work for a bit before he goes back to school to be a chef! 

Congratulations everyone!  

*Names changed for privacy