Ranch Ehrlo Society has once again been selected as one of Saskatchewan’s top employers. This is the 13th year the agency has been recognized as an exceptional place to work.

Natalie Huber, Ranch CEO stated, “We are incredibly honoured to be recognized as a top employer again. The programs and services we offer our youth, participants, and families are of the highest standards. We are only able to achieve this because we attract the best and most compassionate staff by being an agency that offers a Total Rewards package that includes educational assistance, room for professional development, matching pension, and competitive salaries.”

“But working at Ranch Ehrlo is more than a job, employees have a passion for making the lives better for people in this province,” she added. “They get up every morning and head to work knowing they will make a difference.”

Ranch Ehrlo’s Total Rewards package includes

Paid education leave and assistance –We not only offer staff the opportunity to take time off work to complete their studies, but we also help them pay for ongoing education.

“I started at the Ranch as a frontline worker in 2008 and with a high-school diploma, I went on to achieve a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2017, fully supported by the Ranch. Today I am currently working on my master’s degree and maybe even a PhD,” Damon Weigl, caseworker.

Paid leave – We offer paid bereavement, vacation, caregiver, and family leave every year. We also recognize the commitment of an employee’s years of service with additional leave in the form of loyalty days.

“I have always considered myself fortunate to work for Ranch Ehrlo due to their commitment to their employees. This commitment is demonstrated in the amount of paid time off I am granted each year, as well as the loyalty hours I receive on my anniversary years. This allows me the time I need for a healthy work/life balance, as well as the flexibility to take time for rest when I require it,” Chandra Skerjanec, education assistant. 

Sense of purpose – Our staff can impact lives from the first days of the job.

“I really appreciate seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces when they achieve or overcome an obstacle in their lives. Knowing that I had a part to play in their success makes this work that much more gratifying,” Andrew Banerjee, youth care leader.

What are some of the other reasons we are a top employer? Let’s see what our employees have to say.