Ranch Ehrlo Society is officially CARE certified!

“I am so proud to work at Ranch Ehrlo, and I am so proud and grateful to the staff at all levels of the agency for their focus and commitment to implementing CARE these past six years,” stated Natalie Huber, Ranch Ehrlo CEO.

We are guided by the CARE model, which is a multilevel program aimed at improving the services for participants in care. Based on six guiding principles (developmentally focused, family involved, relationship based, trauma informed, competence centred, and ecologically oriented) the CARE model is designed to significantly influence the way professionals work with participants.

Ranch Ehrlo Society implemented CARE in 2017. Everyone at the agency has been including CARE in our daily working lives and working towards the certification since then and can share in this accomplishment.

Ranch leadership with CARE certifiers (L to r starting with the back row)
Dr. Karl Mack, Anton Smith - CARE certifier, Malcolm Neill, David Rivers,
Natalie Huber, Belinda Mayfield - CARE certifier,
Carole Bryant, Shelley Reddekopp

The CARE certification team was here in June for the certification process. They visited programs and schools and spoke with various people about the Ranch’s commitment to CARE.

“Congratulations to you and your team at Ranch Ehrlo for successfully completing the CARE certification process. Ranch Ehrlo sets a standard of care that is an exemplar in the field,” said Martha Holden, director of the Residential Child Care Project with Cornell University.

Ranch Ehrlo is now one of only 18 organizations worldwide that have achieved CARE certification. We are the third organization in Canada to achieve CARE certification, and the first in Saskatchewan.

Martha went on to say that Ranch Ehrlo, led by a strong leadership team, has made important practice decisions throughout its CARE journey resulting in a commitment to serving the best interests of participants.

Natalie added, “The achievement of this CARE certification is another step in our journey to provide the best possible care to our participants.”

She went on to state that the Ranch believes that quality improvement, including CARE, is an ongoing process. The work we do to make sure we provide the best services to young people, families, and adults is never done, but this certification is an important milestone to celebrate.