Our most northern campus is now under new leadership.

Barclay Batiuk has just started his position as northern director of Group Living Services for Prince Albert and the Buckland campus. He replaced Kevin Mugford who retired in December.

Barclay was most recently the principal at Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division. Growing up in Prince Albert and raising two children has aided him in developing strong connections to the community.

“Barclay has displayed exemplary leadership as a high school and elementary principal for the last eight years. When speaking with those who know Barclay, it was clear that because of his many strengths, he was sought after and invited to serve on various initiatives and committees with a mission of seeing enhancements,” explained Pam Dmytriw, vice-president of group living services.

Barclay has been involved with the Ministry of Education's Leading to Learn initiative that deals with anti-oppressive and anti-racist behaviour impacting First Nations, Inuit, and Metis student outcomes.

Pam added, “We believe this work will support the focus Ranch programs have on ensuring environments are responsive to the needs of youth.”

"I have spent all of my career in education. Over time, my philosophy of building relationships with students, families, and staff has become part of my fabric and to what I attribute much of my success. As a lifelong learner, I look forward to my next professional challenge," explained Barclay when asked his reason for joining the Ranch.

He added that it was apparent that Ranch Ehrlo fit many of the challenges and potential successes that he was looking for such as an employer that treats employees well and values their mental and physical well-being, flexibility in a work-life balance, the chance to make a difference in the lives of kids and families, the ability to create and maintain relationships with community and families, and to strive to give voice to those who are unable to advocate for themselves.
“I am very excited to welcome Barclay to our agency, and I look forward to learning how he will incorporate all of his skills and years of leadership experience,” Pam concluded.

Welcome to the team, Barclay!