You can build a career at the Ranch while helping others!

Ranch Ehrlo supports its staff in building long-term careers and provides plenty of training and support to reach their goals. We also offer competitive wages and benefits.

Many people have worked at Ranch Ehrlo for 25 years or more. We wanted to know why so many people have spent decades at the agency, so we reached out to a few to ask.

Rod’s story
Rod Fay started in 1993 at the Pilot Butte campus. He said, “The Ranch is everything to my family and me. I raised a family and have a good life, and my children have grown up and started careers here.”

Rod said he has fun working with the youth and the staff. He looks forward to going to work every morning.

He especially enjoys the therapeutic camping trips that the youth and staff go on in the summer. “Those are lots of fun,” he smiled. 

The Ranch encourages people to build careers, providing informal training and professional development. There’s a reason why the Ranch has been voted as one of Saskatchewan’s top employers 11 years in a row.

Retiring after a long career
Dave Medalen recently retired after working at the Ranch for 31 years, mainly as an educational assistant.

He said, “There is a high degree of professionalism with the staff and leadership at all levels. The Ranch treats its staff very well.”

He added that he truly loved his job, and it’s very satisfying for him to know he has changed the futures of some of his students for the better. He also said he will miss seeing his co-workers daily, as they have become dear friends.

“He had a fulfilling and meaningful career. Dave has made a significant contribution to the lives of the kids,” stated Natalie Huber, president and CEO of Ranch Ehrlo Society.

Long careers in the North
Ranch Ehrlo has locations across the province, including two northern campuses.

Sean Bader, program manager, is a long-time employee working at the Buckland campus outside Prince Albert.

Sean initially started at the Ranch to support his growing family and stated that his time here has been “highly rewarding.”

Sean held a variety of jobs before he applied at the Ranch. “I came across the job posting at Ranch Ehrlo and was immediately interested. The opportunity to make a difference in kids' lives with competitive wages and benefits drew me in”.

He said his most significant accomplishments are celebrating successes together, building trust, and being someone participants can confide in and rely on. He has fulfilled his lifelong dream of helping youth reach their full potential.

The Buckland campus is situated in a picturesque, forested area with a running creek and wide-open spaces. It’s a beautiful campus that spans 40 acres.

“The sounds and smells are peaceful and provide a natural, therapeutic environment. The hiking trails are gorgeous, and there is plenty to do in all seasons. There are many options to meet everyone’s needs,” said Sean.

Build a career today

Ranch Ehrlo Society is a multi-service agency delivering a wide range of accredited mental health and developmental services in southern Saskatchewan and in and around Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

Individuals looking for a new career can start full-time with financial security.

Natalie added that there’s a reason why the Ranch provides competitive wages and benefits.

“We feel passionate about the positive impact we make in the lives of individuals. Children, youth, adults, families; we provide an array of services and diverse career opportunities for those who want to ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others.”

If you are interested in a career at the Ranch, check out our varied job opportunities