Our agency has been around for a long time! Over 50 years, in fact.

That means we have a lot of history, and, luckily, a lot of mementos from the past to help keep that history alive! Some of those long-hidden gems, long ago tucked away into closets and storage space, have come unearthed lately as our Hudson Administration Building undergoes renovations.

Instead of keeping them to ourselves, we thought they would make a great addition to our blog.

First up – a program from our 20th annual AGM! It clearly shows how the yearly event has evolved. In 1986, our AGM was held on October 8th and it had a lot more pomp and circumstance than what we do today!


We hope this won’t disappoint you if you come to this year (the 53rd annual) AGM. We can still promise a good lunch! You are invited to attend on September 25th beginning at 11:30 a.m. In order to be sure we have enough food, we ask anyone who plans to attend to RSVP to Michelle no later than September 11, 2019.