This self-assessment is designed to give you a better idea of the role, requirements, skills, and expectations related to employment in participant-facing roles at Ranch Ehrlo. This self-assessment will allow you to determine whether you are suited for a position, prior to making an application. This self-assessment is not considered in the selection process, it is for your own self-evaluation. Please do not submit this questionnaire with your application.

  • Direct care workers help all individuals and families achieve their full potential. Our mission is to provide quality preventative and restorative services to, and advocacy for, vulnerable individuals and families through highly engaged and professional employees. Do you agree with our mission?

  • Ranch Ehrlo operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Most participant-facing roles are required to work rotating shifts. Are you available to work shifts (including nights, weekends, and holidays)?

  • Our facilities house participants from various ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations, and disabilities.

    • Are you able to interact professionally with people from diverse backgrounds?

    • Are you able to conduct yourself  in a non-discriminatory manner in the workplace?

    • Do you have the ability to learn about, and interact with, people from different cultures?

  • Are you able to provide the participants with a safe, nurturing, predictable, and structured living environment?

  • Can you maintain good interpersonal relationships with people you are in contact with daily?

  • Do you readily accept instructions, suggestions, or constructive feedback offered by someone in a supervisory role or from a colleague?

  • Participants come to Ranch Ehrlo with complex needs. Can regulate your own emotions so that you can be available to support the participants in your care?

  • Are you able to demonstrate empathy, patience, and understanding in challenging situations?

  • Following training, could you deal with a situation where a participant may be in distress, or may have injured themselves either by accident or self-injury?

  • Work locations can vary and be outside city limits. Rural travel may be required. Do you have transportation to/from work? 

  • Do you hold a valid Class 5 driver’s license?

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