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Orientation videos for youth coming to Ranch Ehrlo.





Information for families

One of the primary goals of treatment at the Ranch is to return the youth to their community as soon as possible. Since the placement is viewed as temporary, we believe that it is very important to work in partnership with parents and families. The more that families can stay involved in their child’s treatment, the greater the opportunity for success.

How can you stay involved and assist in treatment?

Communication with family

Each house has a computer and most have tablets too for youth and adults to video conference with family under supervision. The telephone is available. Participants are also encouraged to use social media to connect with family in a positive way.

Home visits/contact visits

Holiday and weekend visits are arranged throughout the year, depending upon the location of the youth’s home and other family considerations. If the parents live too far away for the youth to visit regularly, staff at the Ranch try to locate other closer relatives. Visits from family members are always welcomed, but arrangements should be made in advance. There is a home on the Pilot Butte campus (McNamara House) where families can stay while visiting their child. Family members are also encouraged to participate in annual events hosted by the Ranch.

Quarterly planning

Parents are also encouraged to attend the quarterly planning conferences which are held every three months. These meetings review the progress which has been made, plan the next steps, and to look at possible future living arrangements.


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