Artistic talent is on full display on our campuses this summer!

Ranch Ehrlo's Paper Crane artist Dustin Ritter has been incredibly busy all summer instructing mural painting at the Pilot Butte campus, Corman Park campus, and at several Ranch Ehrlo group homes. Participants from Ranch Ehrlo houses, vocational programs, and education programs have been hard at work creating beautiful indoor and outdoor murals. 

Corman Park Director of Group Living Services Tandi van Tol saw the incredible murals that were being painted at Pilot Butte and requested Dustin travel to Corman Park to help beautify the campus. Dustin went up and worked with the youth there to create several amazing outdoor murals.

They also created a stunning indoor mural that the Corman Park folks had designed.

Tandi said, "I know that this art will contribute to both the kids and staff feeling good about themselves, and it makes our campus look a little more child friendly and fun!”

The mural project will continue until the weather becomes too cold to paint outdoors.

We are guided by the CARE model which is a multilevel program aimed at improving services for children and youth in care. The CARE model is designed to significantly influence the way professionals work with children.

One principle of the CARE model is ecologically oriented. Participants live and learn on the campuses, and it is important that their environment promotes growth. The Paper Crane expressive art service also provides an environment where participants are able to express their thoughts and feelings and promotes their personal development and healing.

Developmentally focused is another aspect of CARE.

Leslie Charlton, supervisor of the Paper Crane program said, “It got the participants outside, was easily scheduled around camping trips and other summer activities and taught accessible drawing and painting techniques that allow anyone, of any ability, to take part.” 

“The best perk for participants is the great sense of pride in adding to the esthetic of our shared spaces that comes from creating public art that will be enjoyed by all,” she added.