bouncerFor the last three days Corman Park has been having some crazy fun! We have had an interactive bouncer on the property that has been the spotlight of lots of smiles, giggles, and red cheeks.

This bouncer has three different stages to go through to get to the end. First off there is an open area where one can bounce as high as they can and at the far end is a basketball hoop to finish with a major slam dunk! The next stage is sort of a gauntlet of air filled posts for one to maneuver around……or just push/slam through with force. The last stage has an air filled ladder to climb which takes you high up to a slide. The finishing touch is a quick ride down to the bottom…..where all you see is a big smile and the words “again, again, again!!!!”

Earl, the owner of Apollo Jump, was paid for one day of rental and was nice enough to leave the bouncer here for three days for our youth. He said that this type of donation makes him feel good. He also loved seeing our kids use it so much and have so much fun!

Some of the stunts the kids were doing looked like so much fun that I decided to also give it a try. Chasing them around the bouncer wabasketball hoops so much fun but hard work too. All the screams and yelling…..I’m not that scary am I? The funny thing was I immediately started sweating….and they were not. They continued to ask me to continue the chase but I was so exhausted that I had to tell them I was too tired and that the bouncer was for the kids and I had to get back to work. They all laughed at me and told me to rent it again sometime.

 I could see the happy expressions on their face. I kept thinking of the song “Free Falling”, which is what they were showing by their expressions….freedom, happiness, and another chance at being a kid!

Working with these kids is a privilege that many take for granted.  We get the chance to share happiness with them day in and day out. Wow, what joy an interactive bouncer can create.