The newest addition to Ranch Ehrlo’s therapeutic camping program has officially opened.

Ranch Ehrlo’s camping program has long been an integral part of the agency’s summer activities and is considered pivotal in a young person’s experience at the Ranch. The newest site, equipped with a large three-season cabin and a garage for storage, is located at Heritage Lake. The property was formerly owned by Scouts Canada Saskatchewan, who transferred the provincial land lease to Ranch Ehrlo due to declining usage.

“Our intention with all our camp trips is to give young people an opportunity to play, have fun, and make life long positive memories. Over the next few years, we can systematically develop this property to become a great place for people to commune with nature,” said Karl Mack, director of child and youth development.

 “This property will provide the young people and adults that come to Ranch Ehrlo for developmental support with years of making memories.”

Therapeutic camping services are one of the many ways we provide opportunities for participants to develop self-worth, personal responsibility, and a sense of connection to society and others. It is designed to promote self-efficacy and empowerment and is in line with several CARE principles – each camp trip is relationship-based, ecologically oriented, developmentally focused, competence centered.

In the case of Heritage Lake, participants from our Buckland campus were able to help get the site ready for the summer. They worked with staff to place a new dock, generously donated by a local family, in the water; and built a swimming platform as well as some furniture for the site under the guidance of youth care leader Raynold Womba.

All camp trips are planned individually to best meet the needs of the particular group of residents and may focus on or include cultural and spiritual education, a specific treatment marathon, recreational activities, adventure travel and/or wilderness education.

Each group home is allotted 36 days of camp programming, with groups averaging about three camp trips per year.

An official grand opening ceremony of the Heritage Lake site was held on July 24th, with roughly 50 people in attendance, including the McHenry family, a representative from Scouts Canada, and members of the RCMP. Alex Guy House traveled from the Buckland campus to join Matheson youth, who are presently camping at the Heritage site.

“It was a beautiful day,” said Ranch Ehrlo CEO Andrea Brittin. “The camp is a beautiful, peaceful place.”