Some of the key ingredients to life are good food and good company.

Matt*, a youth at Ranch Ehrlo, made sure of this after creating a wonderful retirement luncheon for one of our staff, Stacey Powers, at Lee House in Regina. Stacey had worked with the Ranch for 24 years.

“I was outside when Stacey dropped by the unit to say her goodbyes. I wasn’t able to say bye and I wanted to have tea with her, so I decided to put on a tea party,” Matt said. “Other staff showed interest in wanting to join, so I put it on.”

Matt’s efforts demonstrate kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity. They also touch on Ranch Ehrlo’s CARE principles, which are developmentally focussed, family involved, relationship based, trauma informed, ecologically oriented, and competence centred.

“It truly shows the growth in Matt and the positivity of staff influence and role modelling,” explained Niki St. Onge, a caseworker at Lee House.  “The pride he took in creating this luncheon/tea party was communicated to his father by Matt as well, touching the CARE principle, family oriented.”

Matt went shopping for the supplies, learning life skills and transferable work skills, which builds a sense of responsibility, and how to use money. This all touches the principles of competence centred, relationship based, and trauma informed, Niki said.

He also created the menu, prepped, baked, cooked, and served the meal, which helped him improve on life skills.

“Matt wanted to show Stacey how much he appreciated her, and it was a great way to say goodbye,” Niki said. “It’s also important for Lee House because it shows inclusion and appreciation of staff. It truly shows the importance staff play in youths’ lives and treatment.”

Stacey was touched by Matt’s initiative.

Matt said, “It warmed my heart when I saw Stacey walk through the door and saw how big her smile was. She was so excited and so happy. I loved working with Stacey, and I am going to really miss her.”

*Name changed for privacy