At Ranch Ehrlo, we apply our CARE principles in everything we do – including in our residential treatment programs, within our family programs, or in our community services.  

CARE, Children and Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change is based on six principles: developmentally focussed, family involved, relationship based, trauma informed, competence centered, and ecologically oriented. It’s designed to guide the way professionals work with participants.

At Ehrlo Sport Venture, where community youth participate in various sporting activities throughout the year, these CARE principles are the foundation for creating positive experiences.

For example, youth are able to build meaningful relationships with themselves and with volunteers, all while enhancing their skills in the sport.

Participants are challenged to problem solve, enhance their communication skills, and encourage their teammates.

“Practices were designed to meet varying skill levels to ensure that children could engage where they were at and supported to grow and develop,” Gloria Patrick, the Sport Venture program manager, explained. “Our players were given the opportunity to learn the game, but more importantly, were given safe spaces to explore, take risks, and make meaningful connections.”

CARE is also all about family involvement, and Ehrlo Sport Venture is no different when it comes to including families.

This is crucial for the times off the field – the bonds that were made during practices or games are taken home and strengthened.

“The inclusivity of this program is incredible, and I marvel as it all comes together,” Gloria said.

And you don’t have to take our word for it – here’s what some families who participated in the baseball league had to say about Ehrlo Sport Venture:

  • “Everyone is acknowledged and praised for their skills. The coaches are so great with the kids.”
  • “My boy loves the coaches and atmosphere provided by Ehrlo. He might even not love some of the sports offered but will willingly show up and participate because of the amazing volunteers and kids.”
  • “Great staff, volunteers, and children from this amazing life-lasting bond. Thank you for all the love and support towards my children and me!”
  • “Our daughter loves all the sports that Ehrlo puts on free of charge. She enjoys playing sports and getting to meet all the kids. We’ve just finished baseball and are now moving to football.”

At Sport Venture, players work hard to push themselves to meet their goals and build confidence.

And whether they know it or not, staff and volunteers are using CARE behind the scenes to make it all even better, allowing a safe space for kids to take risks, explore, and have fun.