This event consists of a few things:

  1. Contestants who need to cook their best chili

  2. Guests/youth/staff who test small portions of each chili, and then vote on their favorite recipe

  3. A school amazingly decorated for Halloween

  4. Everybody dressed up in Halloween costumes

  5. A winner crowned the” Chili Champion”…. their name on the plaque that hangs on the admin wall for bragging rights and all staff, youth, and visitors to see and talk about

  6. A great chili meal afterwards

  7. FUN…..FUN…..FUN

This year’s contestants are a wide variety from all ages and different areas of the province.  We have the young SRC team from Corman Park.  We have the Corman Park manager team along with a youth from Welke house.  We have the Corman clinical team along with one youth from May house.  We have representatives from our Buckland campus, including the director, the principal, and a few youth. Finally we have a representative from the children’s advocate office. 

All of the cooks are trying real hard to win the big event.  They were asked to let me in on their special ingredient.  When I (two time champion) asked this question, almost all of them looked at me like I was stealing their special formula.  One cook told me that everyone loves hot spices….so he made sure his was going to be extra spicy!  One told me that everyone loves garlic sausage, so you can count on that being the winner.  One told me that everyone loves sugar….so theirs is going to be sweet, and one told me to mind my own business!!!  I couldn’t believe cooks talk like that…especially to me, the two time champion of this event….jeesh!

After the taste testing was done, and the votes were in and tallied, we announced the big chili cookoff winner!!  Everyone waited patiently ….wondering who it was going to be this year.  There was a buzz in the school and all five contestants were sure they were the one.

Finally the winner is………………..Team Corman SRC consisting of SRC president Merissa, Vice President Dawson and staff helper Shawn Ly.

Everyone congratulated the winner, pictures were taken, and then all of the five chilies along with buns and salads were had.

The chili was amazing, the costumes were amazingly scary and funny, the participation was great as usual, the socialization was awesome….just another great celebration at Ranch Ehrlo.

If you think you have the best Chili recipe, contact me below and maybe you can show off your chili at next year’s chili cookoff.