It used to be a few weeks before Dec. 25th you could hear Christmas music being played everywhere you went. In the stores, on all the radio stations, in the hallways at work. Even without meaning to you might find yourself tapping your toes or singing along. Subconsciously feeling the Christmas spirit.

Nowadays the music starts much, much earlier but the feelings it induces remain the same – warm fuzzies. With this in mind, we asked some members of our staff what songs they like to hear most during the holidays.

Les Yufrym, a youth care worker in Regina, said his favorite carol is Metro’s 11 Days From Christmas because of his Ukrainian roots.

Vice-president Malcolm Neill said he most enjoys Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Clause is Coming to Town. And why this song? “Because it’s Bruce Springsteen,” Malcolm explained.

Carole Bryant, director of governance, said Bing Crosby’s classic I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas is her go-to feel good tune. It invokes memories of curling up on the farm and watching an old movie in front of the coal oil furnace and eating popcorn.

Kevin Mugford, the residential director in Prince Albert is originally from Cape Breton and his favourite song has family roots. “I am not a coal miner’s daughter but I sure I am a coal miner’s son. And my brother Mel sings in the men’s choir the men of the deep in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I love their Christmas CD and my favourite song is Coal Dust in the Snow!! All the homes in our neighbourhood would burn coal in their homes and the smoke and the black dust would be scattered across the white fields. It is a very fond memory and a beautiful song.”

Nadith Abelar, administrative assistant at Ehrlo Counselling Services, stated that her favourite song is Christmas in Our Hearts. The lyrics say, ‘May the spirit of Christmas be always in our heart. To love, forgive, give, and to be just happy’. She explained, “It reminds me of back home, growing up. Christmas is a big event in the Philippines. We start decorating in September. The city streets are filled with decorations and caroling is everywhere. The happiness the season brings is tremendous.”

Whatever your song is, we hope you hear it throughout the season, and it invokes that special Christmas feeling that just can’t be experienced any other time of year.