Regina and Pilot Butte youth received a surprise before the start of their February break. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, each youth received a comfort kit backpack filled with items such as fuzzy blankets, stuffed animals, MP3 players, nightlights, bath bombs, sketchbooks, pencils, toothbrushes, and snacks.

Organized by the Children’s Aid Foundation’s Ted and Loretta Rogers Foster Care Transition Program, the aim of the comfort kits is to ease the transition for children and youth who require support during a time of tremendous uncertainty in their lives.

“Several months ago, I came across some information through the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.  I told them about our agency and the kids that we have in our care and were lucky that they decided to include us in their program!” explained Hayley Maurer, director of education.

She added, “They sent us backpacks for everyone and money to buy items to fill the backpacks.”

The kids were very excited to receive their comfort kits and many described it as Christmas in February! 

“Is this all for me?” one youth asked.

“Do I get to keep it?” another youth questioned.

Another young person added, “This is the best day of my life.”

Some of the funds were directed to the vocational programs for participants with developmental and cognitive disabilities. They each received a $50 gift card from a store where they could choose their own comfort items.

Education staff Kendra,
Hayley, and Kirsten delivering
the comfort kits

Hayley added, “It was so heartwarming to be able to put such big smiles on their faces and to let them know that they are special and deserve wonderful surprises. We made sure they know where the comfort kits came from and some plan to write thank you letters to the Ted and Loretta Rogers Foundation to express their gratitude.”