Ranch teacher Randee Patton goes the extra mile to ensure that students leaving the Ranch continue to succeed.

Randee, who has been at the Ranch for 12 years, recently shared a relationship-based and competency-centred CARE moment that took place with former student *Lacey.

Teams video chat

Lacey departed the Ranch after a year in care.  She was starting at a new school and Randee decided to hold regular Team meetings with her and her new teacher to help make the transition smoother.

“When our youth are here, we form strong therapeutic alliances with them.  These caring relationships create a safe and comforting environment, and this is vital for their well-being and success.  Any changes to the environment can affect the child’s overall functioning,” explained Randee. 

She added that the children at the Ranch have more difficulty responding to transitions due to a variety of factors and when a change does occur, the youth benefit from transitions that involve everyone who knows the child. 

The continued contact helps the student to have a sense of well-being and security in their new school. It also helps in developing positive social contacts with the staff at their new school. 

Lacey isn’t the only student that Randee has stayed in contact with from the Ranch. In fact, she shared some of the kind comments she has received from the youth over the years.

“You made me feel important when I felt so worthless,” stated one youth.

Another former student said, “You stuck by me even when I tried pushing you away.” 

Another comment was, “Teach, I just want to say thanks for believing in me and showing me a better life.”  

The educators that Randee has connected with also appreciated the insight that Randee has given them to help overcome administrative obstacles and help set the student up for success.

“I think most educators are committed to providing the child with the highest quality of care and support.  Most are willing to implement every means possible to support a successful transition,” she concluded.

*Name changed for privacy