Education is my new hobby

Friends and coworkers often bug me because of my newfound hobby: education. That’s right folks, I have taken up education part time, as my new passion and hobby. My education has come through counselling, support groups, relationships, friendships, family, work experience, reading, research, spirituality, and formal university education. Education has helped to both heal me and empower me by becoming an informed and enlightened individual. Pretty good hobby I think. 

Some key life lessons education has taught me

I will discuss some key lessons I have learned and that I try to employ in my daily living. These are just some highlights of all the lessons I have learned in my educational experience, not the complete list.

Lesson #1 – I am not responsible for other people’s behaviours. I am only responsible for my behaviour and that is all I can control. I cannot control other people.

Lesson #2 – In terms of  issues such as abuse, addictions, identity, and honesty: secrets make and keep me sick. This has been true in my relationships, my family, and as an individual.

Lesson #3 – I do not have to accept unacceptable behaviour from other people. Ever. It is acceptable to set boundaries and ask that others respect these.

Lesson #4 – I tend to become what I live: Be careful what I think and believe - it may come true. Call it what you wish – self-fulfilling prophecy, the power of positive thinking, etc.

Lesson #5 – Living a balanced life is extremely vital for me to achieve mental health and stability. This includes a balances between fitness, diet, social activities, work, education, leisure, sleep, and alone time.

Lesson #6 – Give to others that which I desire to receive. If I want compassion from others, I must show compassion. If I want truth , respect, etc from others, then I must show respect and be truthful, and so on.

Lesson #7 – Knowledge is power. It is empowering and helps shape an informed perspective, with which I can make the best decisions possible. Continuous learning empowers me to gain a more informed and objective perspective of my life and the world around me.

Lesson #8 – Emotional intelligence is far more important than any other intelligence. Self-regulation is the key to success in all my relationships, my career, and my personal life.

Learning means being teachable

Clearly, I am not perfect and I struggle sometimes to employ these lessons in my daily living. Some lessons are harder to learn than others are, and will continue to be lifelong lessons. The point is that continuous learning via education has helped to heal and empower me and the lessons I have highlighted are proof because they serve as epiphanies I have experienced and education is their catalyst. You could say that I am teachable and continuous learning is my hobby.

In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote, which reminds me each day to continue to learn, to be open, to listen to others, and expand my world:

"When we think we know, we stop learning. When we think we hear, we stop listening. When we think we see, we stop searching." – Buddha