We have many incredible employees at the Ranch. They come to the agency from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, including the education field.


Randee Patton is a Ranch teacher who regularly goes above and beyond for her students at her Ranch satellite classroom at Judge Bryant Elementary School in Regina.

Hayley Maurer, Ranch Ehrlo principal, said, “Randee is excellent at helping her students gain self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.”

Most youth coming to Ranch Ehrlo have had little success in school. Frustration and failure have often led to anger or withdrawal and as a result, they are no longer interested in learning. Our educators meet this challenge in a variety of creative ways to stabilize youth’s behaviour and build academic skills.

Hayley said that Randee goes out of her way for the students. A recent example was arranging for Z99’s Cassity and Wheels to visit the classroom as a surprise for one student. The student is a huge fan, and she was thrilled that these big stars made a special trip to wish her “happy birthday.”

“In Randee’s case, she advocates very well for her students with the school and other faculty members,” said Hayley.

Randee strongly believes in collaboration. She has created a culture in her classroom to emphasize family and she encourages students to look out for each other, apologize when necessary, and give second chances.

Randee also fosters a safe environment in her classroom where her students can come to her if something is bothering them or if they’ve done something wrong. They know she is someone who will support them.

“I embed Indigenous culture and mental health into my classroom. Every day we do something different in our morning meeting to focus on those themes,” said Randee.

Randee also has students from other classrooms coming to her because her classroom is known throughout the school as a safe space.

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