Parents and kids had the opportunity to learn meaningful skills last week while having fun with their families.

Recently, some of the participating families in the Family Treatment Program (FTP) took part in the summer sports camps run by Ehrlo Sport Venture (ESV).

The sports camps are weeklong afternoon camps held at different locations where family members can play, learn, and bond.

Brett Miller, educational liaison with the FTP, said, “The purpose of these day camps is to provide family based recreational opportunities where parents and children can interact positively together and build some positive summer memories.”

He explained that the main focus of the program is strengthening and sometimes rebuilding the relationships between parents and children.

There were two weeklong camps with different families participating each week. The first afternoon each week was spent at Mosaic Stadium.

The activities the families participated in were yoga, football, scavenger hunts, spray pads, red light/green light, relay races, kickball, tug-o’-war, and lots of other sports-based games and fun.

Brett said, “We get to see a different side of parents when they are able to get out of the house to laugh, smile, and just play with their kids, and it is very rewarding.”

Some of the other benefits of the camp included learning listening skills, accountability, leadership skills, cooperation, inclusion, good sportsmanship, and fair play.

 “ESV also does a great job ensuring the activities meet a wide developmental range,” Brett said.

Gloria Patrick, manager of Ehrlo Sport Venture, said the program allows opportunities for families to come together and bond through play. Families have a chance to work together, encourage each other, and demonstrate the facets of true teamwork.

“We can see the positive changes happening at each session and participating in these sports camps helps support the work that FTP families are already doing,” Gloria added, It’s just lots of fun for everyone!”