A home in Regina has been adapted and renovated to best meet the need of participants in our Supported Living Program (SLP).

Participants in the program are often long-term Ranch Ehrlo residents – some have been here for decades. So, when we’re looking at how to help them best achieve success, moving them to a space that best suits their needs, is a great move forward.

“In our Supported Living Program, we continue to strive to provide person-centred, strength-based care,” explained Pam Dmytriw, vice-president of group living services. “We are continuing to look at our homes and making sure they meet the needs of our participants.”

In continuation of the idea that the design of a home should best suit the needs of a participant, Garven House was designed and built last year to house five participants who resided in our older Jillings Home. Once those participants were moved, Jillings House was renovated.

The renovations to Jillings began in the fall and were recently finished. The home expanded from a five-bedroom to a six-bedroom home and has been renovated from top to bottom with no space untouched.

“It is such a bright beautiful open space now that uses the ecologically orientated principles of CARE. The colours in the home are fresh and homey and the home now allows for a lot of different gathering spaces for the participants so that activities can happen in different areas of the home at the same time,” explained Monica Rivers, clinical consultant.

Jana Ellis, supportive living program director added, “We would like to send a big thank you to the property management team for all their work with setting up and seeing through the work at Jillings House. There is a lot of excitement for the participants for getting such an amazing space that will suit their needs.”