Back to school adoptees 

A back to school adoption program was Kruzeniski House’s fall "Community Helping Hands" project. The youth and staff of Kruzeniski House along with the help of the Regina District Area Council, the Human Rights Committee, and the Women’s Committee of Regina adopted 16 community youth for their back to school adoption program. The three committees each donated $500 for a total of $1500, along with six boxes of much needed school supplies. Kruzeniski House also contributed $500 towards the program raising the total to $2,000. 

The families in the community were notified of their selection and met with Kruzeniski House staff and youth to discuss their needs for the upcoming school year. The children adopted in the back to school adoption program ranged in age of 5 to 14 years of age. The children were met with individually to go through the school supplies and then taken on a shopping excursion to purchase their much-needed back to school clothing. Each adopted youth spent an average of $140 towards clothing.

Organizer, Cam Huberdeau, explained the effect this back to school adoption program had stating,"One parent told us that if it hadn’t of been for this program she could not of afforded to have purchased any supplies for her four children. She could not believe that there were still good and caring people in this world and she became very emotional while we were shopping." 

For most of the community youth adopted as part of this back to school program, Christmas came early for them this year, as most had never been able to go out, purchase their own clothing, and be able to get what they wanted. One adopted youth commented that it was, "great not to have to shop at Value Village this year for their back to school clothing." 

Kruzeninski House is now busy raising funds for their third Christmas adopt-a-family program and this year they hope to adopt 25 community youth and give them a Christmas that they will never forget.