It may sound simple, but activities like loom beading greatly benefit families in our Family Treatment Program (FTP).

The FTP helps families stay together while providing care through personal and group therapy. There are many activities families take part in.

The loom beading initiative is one of many that Angel Whitestar brings to the beading and craft program. She shares her knowledge about culture and crafts, like medicine picking, beading, quilling, moccasins, and sewing.

“Loom beading teaches patience, steadies the mind, and it is a big part of Indigenous culture,” Angel said. “It can be used for a healing technique because it can calm and focus a person when they are loom beading.”

Angel’s husband, John, made the looms for the group. Angel showed participants the basics on how to make a loom and what supplies were needed.

They threaded the loom and decided what designs and colours they wanted to create.

“The hardest part I think of looming is putting the first strand of beads on the loom,” Angel said. “After that, it is smooth sailing.”

The beading and craft program has taken place since December 2019. Angel has also shown families how to harvest quills from a porcupine.

“They had a lot of fun learning how to do that,” she said. “Then I give the quills to teach them how to wrap quills and zig-zag stitch. I’m hoping to do this again after the fall.”