Ranch Ehrlo Society in partnership with the Regina Public Library presents Make A Mark art exhibit created through the Ranch’s Paper Crane expressive art services. The themes of the exhibit are the seven sacred teachings and animal symbolism in Indigenous art.

The art pieces featured in the exhibit were created by youth at the Schaller Education Centre, Ranch Ehrlo participants at various public schools in Regina, and youth and adults from Ranch Ehrlo’s vocational programs who have differing abilities.

Dustin Ritter, art facilitator with Paper Crane explained, “I wanted to use pointillism as our main style for the art. Bingo dabbers seem to work great for participants at every skill level so that everyone can be involved. Even if they think they can’t paint, they can still literally make a mark.”

He continued, “The bear symbolizes courage, and I can definitely say that all of the participants who contributed to this project were fearless from the start.”

Paper Crane is an expressive arts service at Ranch Ehrlo that helps participants to express their thoughts and feelings and promotes their personal growth and/or healing.

The exhibit will be in the Creation Cube room at the George Bothwell, Southland Mall location, and on a display wall at the downtown location of the Regina Public Library and will run from March 25th to the end of May.