From north to south and coast to coast, just about every Indigenous nation across North America has some version of bannock. Most Aboriginal families have their own unique recipes, which are passed down from generation to generation. That is the case for Ranch housemother Debbie Delorme who learned from her mother. 

Debbie graciously agreed to give us an inside peek at her kitchen while she makes her agency-famous bannock for the youth of Jewison House. Debbie has worked at the Ranch for over 20 years, all of them as the housemother at Jewison on Pilot Butte campus. She has always felt a deep connection to helping the youth that have passed through the doors.

Modern bannock — heavy and dense when baked or light, fluffy, and golden brown when fried — is usually made from wheat flour. It is a popular menu item for the youth at Jewison.  As soon as the kids walk in the door they know Debbie has been cooking, they yell, “Bannock! Bannock!”

The item is also sought out among staff across the agency.

Debbie is hoping that by sharing her recipe more staff can learn how to make the traditional food staple.