Tera has a unique position of working at all three of the Ranch’s campus and in a variety of positions. Here is her story.

Tera CarsonAfter completing a BA with a major in psychology from the University of Regina, Tera started working at Ranch Ehrlo in 2002. During her career she worked as a casual Youth Care Worker (YCW) at various units in Pilot Butte and Regina and as a Youth Care Leader (YCL) in the Corman Park campus which is located just outside of Saskatoon.

Corman Park campus construction was behind schedule, so Tera ended up working at the Buckland Campus outside of Prince Albert for six weeks until they could move into the Corman Park campus. After a maternity leave, Tera returned to work in May 2009 but this time in a new role - she became the House Mother at May House.

The House Mother is a member of the team “family” within our units and works with everyone to maintain a nurturing, structured, safe and comforting environment. They maintain the household standards for cleanliness, the quality of the food, supplies, and the effective use of the household budget. Tera pointed out that that having her own children has helped immensely in preparing her for this role.

“The youth look to me as the House Mother to help them with things such as mending clothes if needed, taking them shopping with me when they don’t have school, answering health questions and bandaging up their cuts and scrapes when needed. Essentially I am exactly as the role description title says I am the “mother of the house.” I do all of those tasks that a typical mother would do for her child,” explained Tera.

Tera also took on the task of starting up a home economics program with the kids at the Ellen Gunn Education Centre at Corman Park. She has been in charge of that program since September 2009. She also has worked with her unit manager to develop a healthy lifestyles book for the youth that will be part of an educational group project this spring.

During her time working at the Ranch, Tera has seen the growth of the agency. Since she started several new houses including Peterson, Hilsden, and Rever have been built and other satellite programs have been developed.

She has also noticed the agency’s clinical evolution. “This agency has also moved towards improving our understanding of the clients that we work with through training such as Trauma Informed Care, TCI training, ASSIST workshops, and Induction training modules that are regularly done with new staff.”

She added, “I think that the amount of training we have the opportunity to receive is by far the best in this province and I think that shows in being voted as one of the top employers of Saskatchewan for 2012. I believe that these opportunities to grow are a testament to the great work we do here at Ranch Ehrlo.”

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