We’re excited to share the new design for flags and t-shirts to honour Orange Shirt Day on Sept. 30th.

The image was designed by Ranch teacher Nolan Malbeuf in collaboration with his classroom students this past June. We’ll also be raising new flags with his design at all of our campuses.

“When I drew this design, I started with the flower and let my hand lead me,” Nolan explained. “I refined and edited it. It shows day and night, roots, feathers, and the circle of the sun. It represents the resilience Indigenous people have.”

Orange Shirt Day is a time to commemorate the residential school experience and to witness and honour the healing journey of the survivors and their families. It’s also a day to remind ourselves we must continue to commit to the ongoing process of reconciliation.

As part of the design, Nolan explained the importance of legacy.

“Before I’m someone’s legacy, my ancestors experienced immense pain and struggle for me to be here, so I looked at how I can leave a legacy piece that embodies roots, the future, and culture to empower us and give us strength,” he said. “It’s about acknowledging the past, giving weight to today, and feeling empowered about tomorrow.”