Looking at the growth and evolution of our agency over the past several years, a comparison that comes to mind is that of a living thing.

And like living things, explaining exactly what we do is complicated. With hundreds of employees and dozens of residential and community services, it’s hard to distill down to a few words. So instead of just telling our story, we teamed up with Twisted Pair Productions to show you.

Come with us as we explore our homes and schools, introduce you to our clinical and counselling teams, play at Sport Venture and discover at Ehrlo Early Learning Centres. We’ll introduce you to Ehrlo Housing, bring you into our family programs, and make music in music therapy.

We are committed to excellence in our relationships, in our delivery of services, and in our advocacy for children, youth, adults, and families. We are guided by the CARE model, a multi-level program aimed at improving services for children and youth in care. Based on six guiding principles, the CARE model is designed to significantly influence the way professionals work with children.

Join us and discover Ranch Ehrlo.