When we announced to senior staff that we wanted to start a blog to write about the happenings at Ranch Ehrlo we got a lot of responses.

 “What the h#%% is a blog?”

 “I shot one of those on my last hunting trip in New Zealand. It was feisty”

“I’m not sure the realm of social media is a venue to display the complex, intricate details of the psycho-social inner aspects of our programming.”

What is our blog?

All these responses got us thinking about what we wanted to use our blog for in the first place. To increase our website views from avid hunters and destination travelers? No.

To keep up with social media trends, albeit 20 years later, by launching a cool blog?  Possibly.

Or was it to show the world what we do? Highlight our talented and educated staff, showcase our numerous residential and community programs and show everyone how we strive to better the lives of youth in our programs.  And what better way to do that then to get staff from different programs from across our province to show you what we are about.

So look out, Ranch Ehrlo’s blog is officially launched.