Thanks to a generous donation by The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN), youth at our Corman Park campus have a playground.

playgroundThe multi-use playground designed for different types of exercises has been installed on the campus north of Saskatoon this fall.

Having a play structure is extremely beneficial to the youth on campus who range in age from nine to 16 explained Dionne Baergen, director of residential treatment.

She added, “We didn’t have any playground equipment at Corman Park. So, we have to go off site if we want to utilise any recreation equipment.”

SUN annually makes donations to community organizations to promote healthy communities across the province. The organization contacted Dionne last fall to submit an application for funding.

“Low and behold they gave us $14,000 towards this park. It was amazing,” she exclaimed.

playgroundA plaque will be erected by the park in honour of the generous donation from SUN. A second sign will also be added for the generous discount from Shercom who supplied the rubber pelts that cover the playground floor.

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses represents almost 10,000 Registered Nurses , Registered Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Psychiatric Nurses and graduates employed in rural and urban healthcare.