Ian Seeseequon is living the dream.

The former Ranch youth was just selected to be the cornerback for the Vancouver Island Raiders junior football team!

The team scouted him from Saskatchewan and invited him to their camp to try out for the team.

Ian has been playing football since he was 11 years old. He started playing at the urging of his parents and found that he loved it.

“I feel like myself when I’m playing football. It makes up who I am as a person, and it makes me feel confident and strong,” Ian revealed.

He has played on various teams around Regina.

Ian lived at Ranch Ehrlo for almost five years and left about a year ago.

He feels that the Ranch helped him immensely. “It changed my life. It gave me a better outlook on life and let me choose a path to success. I had a real sense of belonging when I was there,” he explained.

He is excited about the opportunity to live his dream of playing semiprofessional football.