Some lucky families now have a handmade gift that keeps on giving through chilly nights and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Karen and Allan recently donated 11 quilts to the Ranch Ehrlo Society’s Family Treatment Program (FTP). Karen explained they are “quilting through Covid.”

She explained, “We have a big table in the basement and three sewing machines. We have a backup in case one breaks down.”

Karen and Allan usually spend the frigid Saskatchewan winters in the south, but they haven’t felt safe traveling during the pandemic. Karen decided to pass the time by making quilts. At first, Allan just cut out the pieces, but after a while, he exclaimed, “I’m sure I could sew these too.”

His sewing machine whirring in the background, Karen stated, “Now he’s sewing as much as me. It’s great that we have a hobby we can do together. We are happy that we can help the families at the Ranch.”

The Family Treatment Program’s priority is preserving families by providing a myriad of treatments that are created for each individual family member, and the family as a whole. A family is given a residence to call home for the duration of treatment, which typically lasts from six to 12 months.