I have been employed at Ranch Ehrlo since 1994, and if I could list all the positive memories I have of this place, the list would be a mile long!

Ranch Ehrlo is continuously creating memories with its staff and the youth.

memoriesSmiles all around

I just attended a camp debriefing with one of the units, and when the manager asked the kids to talk about some of the memories from the most recent camp they participated in…..well you should have seen and heard their faces, smiles, hand gestures, enthusiastic  laughs, and fun stories.

They talked of things such as incredible hikes, fishing and fish stories, sunsets, boat rides, wildlife, games they played, water Olympics, swimming, beach days, mini golf, horseback riding, camper of the day, 4 wheeler bike rentals, museums, and all the great….and not so great food.  The youth had some funny stories about the staff (how much one snores, how one did not change his shirt for three days, how one tripped over a park bench).  Everyone sure had a good laugh!  The staff told a few funny stories about the youth (great and horrible golf shots, crazy drivers on the 4 wheelers, funny stories told by the youth around the camp fire, youth who snore).  It was all so fun to listen to as an outsider who was not on the trip.  All I could see in my head were pictures from the camps I participated in when I was a youth care worker over a decade ago. 

You bet

When the youth were asked if they would ever go on that camp again, they all said” yes you bet”.  Some said they would love to take their mom and dad there.  Some mentioned taking their little siblings and also grandmas and grandpas!!!  Maybe some of them when they get older, and have families of their own, will pass their memories on to their own children and attend the same area to camp……and the Ranch Ehrlo Memory Cycle begins!!!

Creating positive memories is what Ranch Ehrlo is all about!!!!!