In 1992, a 12 year old Canadian girl attended the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to address United Nations. She spoke of environmental issues from a youth’s perspective and her speech was followed by a round of applause from the delegates. Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki and she is from Vancouver, and you guessed it…her Dad is David Suzuki. At the age of 9 she founded the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO) which is a group of children dedicated to learning and teaching other youth about environmental issues. The ECO raised money in order to attend the Earth Summit and present to the delegates.

I wanted to share this clip with everyone because I was moved by what she had to say about how we treat this world, the animals in it, and the people in it. She goes beyond environmental issues and addresses human issues as well. She talks about how we are all products of our environment. That being born in a different family, in a different country, would change who we are. I think it’s a good lesson in priorities and tolerance so please take the time and view this clip.

Nothing beats the honesty of a child!