Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting jiggy with it.   

At the Sir Dance-A-Lot event, Lammer House Supported Living Program (SLP) participants did exactly that!    

“Each time we have participated in Sir Dance-A-Lot, they have been able to engage in and have had the opportunities to create many positive experiences,” said Lammer youth care worker Braden Wagner. “The participants always display an interest in attending the event.” 

The event, which is put on by Creative Options Regina, brings together people with differing abilities for a day of dancing.  

Lammer House regularly attends the event, and it’s become quite the favourite.  

“It creates a sense of community and allows them to interact among peers from Ranch Ehrlo Society and peers from the community,” Braden said. “It helps them practice their goals, more specifically their goals around positive social interactions with others and creating positive relationships.” 

Ranch Ehrlo’s Supported Living Programs help individuals live more independently in their community, while also offering treatment through a multi-disciplinary team of clinical consultants.  

Staff always apply the CARE principles in what they do. With Sir Dance-A-Lot, staff can foster positive connections and relationships.  

The event helps participants develop life skills in an environment that’s appropriate to their needs, while also helping them achieve their potential.  

“Sir-Dance-A-Lot helps participants in practicing the goals they have for themselves,” Braden said. “It is great for individuals on a similar developmental level to practice positive social interactions with others in the community.”