If you’ve been by 5th Avenue North lately, you may have noticed a splash of colour!

Larissa and Jamie

Ehrlo Sport Venture is home to a brand new mural, courtesy of Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists' Collective Inc. summer student Larissa Kitchemonia and admin Jamie Reynolds.

“We had a lovely mural on the back of the Sport Venture building prior to this one, but over time, with help from the weather it was starting to fade a little,” explained Sport Venture manager Amanda McConnell.

“What really sped the new addition along, though, was the renovations Sport Venture underwent last summer. We added two doors to the back area, which meant we had to cut away part of the previous mural.”

Rather than leave an incomplete mural on their back wall, Amanda and team painted over the old with a basic white and contacted the Heritage Community Association to see if any artists in the area would be interested in creating a new one. They were put in touch with Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists' Collective Inc., who were happy to complete the project as part of their summer student project.

In only three days, Jamie and Larissa completed the piece that now graces Sport Venture’s back wall.

“The new addition is a great way to celebrate a new chapter and new look for Sport Venture with fresh new mural,” Amanda concluded.