Building relationships is fun and meaningful for long-term success!

The entire southern property management crew and the Vocational Training Employment Program (VTEP) participants recently had a great time building their working relationships.

Nicole Bonner, property management manager, said, “We had been wanting to do something with our whole crew for a while. Our VTEP participants are part of our crew. I decided this would be the perfect team-building opportunity.”

Finding ways to better relationships and build competency is part of the CARE model that Ranch Ehrlo follows.

CARE is a multi-level program aimed at improving services for individuals in care. It is based on six guiding principles (developmentally focused, family involved, relationship based, trauma informed, competence centred, and ecologically oriented) that significantly influence the way professionals work with individuals.

The focus of the Vocational Training Employment Program (VTEP) is on developing life skills, vocational training and skill development, and supervised vocational activities for our participants with developmental and cognitive differing abilities.

The participants work on the property management crew because it suits their interests. There are other participants who work for the Sweet Grass Café in-house catering service because they are interested in learning how to work in a commercial kitchen.

As part of their team building day, the two crews went for a delicious lunch, then went to SkyPark in Regina for an afternoon of fun!

Rob Kaye, VTEP participant, and Adrian Geleta, VTEP job coach, were the only ones who were brave enough to try the suspension ropes. Everyone else played minigolf.

“Almost everyone got a hole-in-one at some point. We’re going to do this regularly from now on. It strengthens our relationships and allows us to remember what fun is,” Nicole laughed.

The VTEP crew also recently completed a big project.

They built a steel briquette barbecue from scratch that will be used on the Pilot Butte campus for years to come!

They received many benefits for their efforts. Adrian explained, “They developed their teamwork and communication skills, enhanced their problem-solving skills, and learned from each other.”

He said that they built their confidence by successfully completing a complex welding project. This has led to increased motivation and determination in other areas of their lives.

“The welding project also brought our participants together by promoting socialization and relationship-building,” Adrian said.

Great job, everyone!