Most youth coming to Ranch Ehrlo have had little success in school. Frustration and failure have often led to anger or withdrawal. As a result, they are no longer interested in learning. To meet this challenge, we offer specialized education which stabilizes youths' behaviour and builds academic skills. The Independent Schools Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education accredits the educational programs of the Ranch.

We operate the following school programs for youth:

Schaller Education Centre

Ranch Ehrlo education centres

Youth new to Ranch Ehrlo attend one of three on-campus educational programs depending on location: Schaller Education Centre in Pilot Butte, Ellen Gunn Education Centre in Corman Park, or the Hansen Education Centre on our Buckland campus.

These programs are designed to provide academic assessment, modified programs, and behavioural stabilization in preparation for future educational placements.

Following success in one of these programs, students transition to classrooms within the cities of Regina, Prince Albert, or Saskatoon operated by Ranch Ehrlo to provide opportunities to integrate into mainstream education. Students are placed in classrooms (elementary or high school) appropriate to their age, academic capabilities, and specific treatment issues.

  • A Transition Program located in Regina prepares youth to transition from their intake and stabilization classroom toward a mainstream placement. It also provides a more structured environment for youth challenged with a more independent learning environment.


Alternative educational opportunities

Ranch Ehrlo also offers educational opportunities and vocational programs for participants with developmental and cognitive differing abilities in a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Youth loading paper recycling into a large metal recycling bin

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a special education program designed to support adults, aged 17 and older, with differing abilities and sensory needs to lead a full life. It provides community-based services that maximize development, community inclusion, independence, and participants’ contribution to the society in which they live. Programming involves developing an individualized plan which includes ongoing social and life skills development, and simple vocational training through constant, repetitive routines.

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Ranch Ehrlo’s Life Skills Education Program (LSEP) helps participants develop life skills and provides leisure and recreation opportunities, training, and skill development.


The focus for the Vocational Training Employment Program (VTEP) is on developing life skills, vocational training and skill development, and supervised vocational activities for our participants.


The Supported Employment Program (SEP) offers participants employment opportunities and training.


The Alternative Vocational Education Program (AVEP) provides vocational training and programming that promotes customized work experiences with ongoing supports. AVEP has been developed and designed to meet the needs of both male and female participants with sensory and communication issues, as well as supervision needs.

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