Now… I would sell my soul to have three weeks away from civilization! I sometimes fantasize about possible ways to smuggle myself aboard the camping supplies of one of the group homes headed up north. My goodness! Has anyone seen how crazy the world is today? Trust me, a fly-in camp in the middle of nowhere sounds mighty good right now! No deadlines. No meetings. No worries. Just the sun, saunas, nature, and swimming. 

I will forever miss the summers full of camping adventures. I did not realize at the time - just how lucky we were to be able to go on all those camping trips. I saw them as work and messy more than anything. Now, I see how fortunate we were. 

Appreciation for what I had 

I also now realize what a challenge it would have been for staff to go off on these 2-3 week camping trips with us. Not only were they having to watch us and keep everyone safe and in order, but they left behind families, partners, and lives. So, for staff too I have a new appreciation. Though, I am sure they appreciated getting to travel all around Canada as well! 

Cheers everyone and remember: avoid short cuts! Heh. Check out the upcoming events for the Ranch.