Experiencing working with Catie Bear – Animal Therapist Extraordinaire

Recently, a Ranch Ehrlo Society youth and I were talking about alternative therapy services. We discussed my blog and came up with a grand idea! The youth decided to share their experiences in working with Animal Assisted Therapist, Catie Bear. The following letter was prepared, with my assistance by a Ranch Ehrlo Society youth.

From a youth’s perspective

I am a Ranch Ehrlo youth. I have known Catie Bear for a little more than a year now. Seeing her makes me smile. I remember this one time I was upset and did not want to talk to anyone. Catie jumped on me and kissed me. I was sad and mad but she made me smile. It took some time, a whole lot of kisses but then I started talking to people and they helped me too. That was a really hard time in my life. I am thankful to Catie and the Ranch for helping me.

Changing Behaviours together

Catie visited me all the time when I went to Schaller School. When she came into my classroom all the kids wanted to see her but she would always come and see me first. Then she would go visit everyone else in the classroom. Catie has a problem with stealing so we would have to watch she did not take things. I am helping Catie with her goal not to steal. So far it is working when I am with her. During this time, Catie kissed my whole face clearing any trace of makeup. If anyone else washed my face else I would have been angry but Catie made it fun.

Catie Bear honours confidentiality

The thing I love most about Catie is that I can talk to her and she does not tell anyone what I have said. I can trust Catie more than anyone else in the world. She loves me and I love her too. Catie is my best friend. Catie has been through so much in her life and so have I. I am really glad I am able to work with Catie. She is everything to me.

I love you Catie!

Written by:

Ranch Ehrlo Youth