Trudy Bosch“Ranch youth are dangerous and a threat to the community.”

“Ranch Ehrlo is a place for young offenders with a history of violence, sexual offending, and drug abuse.”

Both of these statements are false. Incredibly false.

But they are also often stated when people in the community talk about Ranch Ehrlo Society.

One of the main reasons why we started blogging and using social media is that we wanted to share personal stories of kids, adults, and families who need help and the wonderful things they can accomplish when they receive it.

We also wanted to take you behind the curtain and show you what happens in our group homes and day-to-day living to remove some of the stigma of being ‘at the Ranch’.

So, to the first statement - Ranch youth and adults are involved in their communities. Either through recreational activities, education, or volunteer work you can find them positively contributing to the community. You can see them helping clean up after a community fundraising event, marching in parades, or running recreation leagues for other youth. And even after they leave the Ranch, a high number reported still taking part in recreation and community services.

And for the second statement – We are not a young offender's facility and it does not accept court-ordered placements.  Young people and families who are referred to the Ranch are those who require intensive care and treatment. No one is here because they have broken the law. There are no bars on the windows, nor locks on the door. Just people working through a past that has been filled with a multitude of issues including deprivation, neglect, abuse, and addiction, often through no fault of their own.

We hope the more we talk about the work we do; the more people will understand and engage. If you have a question about what happens at Ranch Ehrlo, please post below and I will try and answer.