Although participants can’t get together to create art this winter, staff with our art-based services are making it easy for individuals to express and grow.

Through online video conferencing, they have been running various art classes that help individuals stay engaged and get through the long winter.

“Even though we are isolating this winter, the arts give participants the opportunity for exploration, expression, and growth,” Leslie Charlton, a recreation worker with the program, said. “Additionally, mindfulness, expression, holistic wellness, and the opportunity for movement are all benefits of our yoga and drama classes.”

With video conferencing, instructors are able to deliver sessions from the studio or from their home.

Groups register through an online form and are sent a link to take part in the weekly sessions. They can learn from wherever they are.

“One up-side of this new virtual delivery of programming is that we can now deliver arts and wellness programming outside of the Regina area,” Leslie said.

She said the overall experience has been enjoyable for participants and staff, despite the occasional glitch.

With time, instructors have been able to run sessions more smoothly.

“The atmosphere of classes is somewhat different from in-studio classes because home art classes have household distractions that a dedicated studio space doesn't have,” Leslie said. “However, our participants are doing a wonderful job of staying focused and putting in amazing and creative effort.”

Just like normal, participants are interacting with one another and staff.

“They visit, check-in with each other, joke around, just as if they were sitting in a room together,” Leslie said. “Overall consensus is that in-person programming is still preferred, but it is exciting to have an option for arts programming right now. The art being produced by the groups is phenomenal and participants seem to be having a good time.”