Joanna has worked at the Ranch since 2003, mostly in one unit located on our Pilot Butte campus. Here is her story.

Joanna BoykoJoanna Boyko was working at a Regina daycare in 2003 when she heard about the Ranch Ehrlo Society from a coworker. She decided to apply and got hired on as casual. She soon moved into a part-time position and eventually a full-time Youth Care Worker position at Jewison House on the Pilot Butte campus.

Joanna has remained at Jewison House ever since and she is the president of the Regina/Pilot Butte staff association. In 2010, Joanna moved into the youth care leader (YCL) position at Jewison House.

YCLs are responsible for the majority of the budget for the household unit. They are also responsible for all the staff and youth (generally ten youth in a house) on their shift. They also supplement the day-to-day youth care functions and the implementation of the resident’s treatment plan.

When asked to explain a typical day in her job, Joanna arrives shortly after 2 p.m. for a 3 p.m. shift to get things in order. She can talk to the House Mother about how the morning went for the youth, as well as how the lunch time went for the youth from Schaller School, also located on the Pilot Butte Campus. Next she would make sure all the staff are on the same page with how the rest of the day will go, including what after school and evening activities are planned.

Joanna further explains that the youth care leader plays a dual role of remaining on the outskirts supervising as well as participating in activities. YCLs generally stay until midnight. After the youth go to bed, Joanna spends some time finishing up paperwork and preparing for the next day.

Recently, Ranch Ehrlo was named as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers for 2012. When asked what this meant to her, Joanna said, “I think this is an excellent opportunity for more people to realize what Ranch Ehrlo is doing for youth across Canada. We’re being recognized within our own province – I think it’s just another step forward and we can only continue to improve from here.”

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